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        發布日期:2018-09-21 17:23:00








        Development and activity of earth-abundant Al2O3-based photocatalysts

        Dr Baraka Celestin Sempuga


        Research in Sustainable Energy: Process Synthesis, Gasification and Bio-Technology



        Tuning confined nanospace for preparation of N-doping hollow carbon sphere with high supercapacitor performance

        Dr Ngoni Chimwani


        Towards maximum efficiency in mineral processing



        Novel conjugated microporous polycarbazoles(CMPs) for CO2 storage and separation

        Dr Mahluli Moyo


        Catalysis Research at IDEAS


        李發堂:教授,河北科技大學理學院副院長,兼任中國感光學會光催化專業委員會委員、中國化工學會離子液體專業委員會委員、中國能源學會能源與環境專業委員會委員。主要從事環境與能源光催化、納米材料等方面的研究,作為通訊作者在Green Chemistry, Applied Catalysis B, Chemistry-A European Journal期刊等發表SCI收錄論文50余篇,其中1篇論文入選2015年度中國百篇最具影響國際學術論文,2篇先后入選ESI 0.1%熱點論文,9篇論文入選ESI 1%高被引論文,被SCI引用1800余次,h因子23。第一完成人獲2016年度河北省自然科學一等獎1項。入選2012年度教育部新世紀優秀人才、2017年度河北省三三三人才工程第一層次人才,獲2015年度河北省政府特殊津貼專家稱號及2015年度河北省杰出青年科學基金項目資助。

        Dr Baraka Celestin SempugaDr. Baraka Celestin Sempuga is a senior researcher and head of the process synthesis research group at the IDEAS.  He is a qualified Chemical (Process) Engineer, having received a B.Sc. (Eng) and a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. His research work consisted of developing design methods and tools to synthesise chemical processes with the aim of reducing their energy consumption as well as minimising the waste production and more importantly minimising CO2 emissions. Dr Sempuga has worked in a team of chemical engineers at the Centre of Material and Process Synthesis (COMPS) which was based at the University of the Witwatersrand; where the process synthesis concepts were used in developing and successfully commissioning a pilot Fischer Tropsch plant in China. Dr Sempuga has also applied the process synthesis concepts to try and find energy solutions for communities, in the African context; where there is little access to infrastructure and services. Dr Sempuga is also leading a community engagement project in Lenasia (South of Johannesburg) which aims and providing access to clean and sustainable energy to impoverished communities using dry and wet wastes produced locally.

        陳愛兵:教授,河北科技大學碩士生導師。在材料物理化學新領域,圍繞發展多孔材料結構合成新方法和新策略,聚焦能源轉化與存儲中的新問題,豐富定向設計和可控制備新理論,系統研究多孔材料的可控制備及其在吸附分離、CO2捕獲和轉化、儲能以及催化轉化等領域的應用,及可再生能源制氫及綜合利用等。近年來,主研國家自然科學基金等項目10余項。在J. Am. Chem. Soc., Adv. Funct. Mater., J. Mater. Chem. A, Nanoscale等發表論文百余篇,其中SCI論文100余篇,H因子為24。申請發明專利6項,授權3項。

        Dr Ngoni ChimwaniDr Ngoni Chimwani obtained his B-Tech Eng degree from Bational University of Science and Technology in Zimbabwe, his MBL from University of South Africa, and PhD Eng from the University of the Witwatersrand.  His research focuses on optimizing size reduction of ores to achieve maximum recovery during downstream processes. His research interests cover the Exploring several modelling techniques to obtain deeper understanding of the internal behaviour of size reduction units (crushers, mills cyclones), yielding insightful information that addresses or brings solution to other industrial problems.  Designing sustainable mineral processing circuits to address crisis arising from the depletion of high-grade ores and the fall of metal prices, which calls for a need to revisit the optimisation techniques with more emphasis on system approach. Expand research focus to the extraction and processing of coal since it is expected to replace oil as the world’s largest source of primary energy in few years to come, owing to its abundancy, wide distribution across the globe and affordability. Dr Chimwani is a Y2 rated researcher by NRF.

        喬山林:副教授,河北科技大學碩士生導師。主要研究方向:(1)共軛有機聚合物在二氧化碳撲集,氣體分離,能源環境中應用。(2)二維有機框架化合物在場效應晶體管中的應用。在Mater., J. Mater. Chem. A, Polymer Chemistry, Polymer, Nanoscale 發表論文20余篇。主持國家自然基金1項,申請發明專利4項,授權1項。

        Dr Mahluli MoyoDr Mahluli Moyo is a Senior Researcher at IDEAS- UNISA. He obtained his PhD at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2011 with focus on Fischer Tropsc heterogeneous catalysis. Dr Moyo has worked on PetroSA plant development and improvement projects while he worked for PetroSA Synthetic Fuels Innovation Center (2012-2015). He has developed over 5 business cases for small to medium energy projects. His research Interests are in Heterogeneous Catalysis, Olefin oligomerization, Process Synthesis and Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis. Dr Mahluli Moyo has authored/co-authored over 10 journal Publications and has been awarded merit prizes.

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